What Are Barefoot Shoes? Benefits Of Minimalist Footwear

Minimalist Footwear - Barefoot Shoes Benefits

Have you heard about the barefoot lifestyle from friends or colleagues and been wondering why it is so hyped? In this era of cushioned shoes for maximum comfort, barefoot shoes are making their way in for SOLID reasons. Knowing these benefits of barefoot lifestyle and how they are beneficial in the long run will definitely make you shift your footwear preferences!

What are barefoot shoes?

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Did you know human feet are designed to stay bare? They need to have the space to roll, flex and stretch to stay in their original form. Your sole needs to be in contact with the ground to keep those senses in your feet alive, because if those muscles are not used, they’ll eventually degenerate.

Wondering how barefoot shoes play a role in this? 

Barefoot shoes, also known as minimalist shoes, cut down all extra cushioning, having a minimalist sole just enough to protect your feet from the hazardous objects and dirt from the ground, while keeping the feet in contact with the ground, which has many benefits. 


Features of Good Barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes differ from the traditional shoes that we always wear. It is very important to know its features so you can invest in quality barefoot shoes.


The Sole


Barefoot Footwear - Minimalist Shoes Online

Barefoot shoes have a thin sole that helps your feet nerves to interact with the ground like bare feet are meant to. The primary purpose of wearing barefoot shoes is so that our feet are closest to being in contact with the ground. For that, the sole of the shoe has to be extra thin (max 6mm).


The Heel


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It has to be absolutely FLAT as it requires the foot to stay levelled for better balance.


The Structure


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The front part of the shoes should be wide enough so the toes have space to spread out. You can say they are shaped like a natural human foot. Shoes should be flexible so they can move along with the foot and provide stability in the long run.


The Weight


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Barefoot shoes should be lightweight and should not contain any inserts.


Benefits of Barefoot Shoes

Are you working out the intrinsic muscles of your feet every day? No? Then they will degenerate if they aren’t put to use. Not to worry! We have the barefoot shoes to the rescue. Wearing barefoot shoes can naturally help to use those muscles daily.



You know what? There are so many nerve endings just in our feet. When we walk barefoot, those nerve endings are stimulated, and the brain can receive more information. It can recognize the surface we are walking on, helping us maintain a better posture and keeping our balance.


Strengthens the Feet

The wide front structure gives the toes a space to spread out, which helps to engage more muscles while walking or running, strengthening the foot muscles. It also helps to prevent foot deformities.


Stimulates Acupressure Points 

Walking barefoot stimulates certain acupressure points that are directly connected to the organs of our body. Traditional shoes don’t allow that connection because of its thick sole. 


Prevents Injuries

Traditional walking/running shoes make you land on the heel, causing a high impact on your knees and hips joints. Barefoot shoes can help improve walking by making the foot land on the balls of the feet, which helps in avoiding injuries.


Now that you know the mind blowing benefits of living a barefoot lifestyle, you have all the more reasons to switch to wearing minimalist/barefoot shoes and make feet so much happier. You even know how to select a quality pair of barefoot shoes. What are you waiting for? Click here to shop yours now!