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The barefoot logo was built in accordance with the 4 elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire. While each element has its own identity, in our brand they come together to symbolize balance.

The composition is also symmetric and geometric as all 4 elements being embodied inside a square with all the edges equal conveying the same value for all of them. Barefoot brand values are depicted in the logo as an entity and also by each of the elements individually.

These four elements – earth, water, air, and fire – are the pillars of philosophy, science, and medicine. They ingrain the basic atoms of nature and therefore studying them can help understand the complexity of nature. Ancient cultures in Greece, Persia, Babylonia, Japan, Tibet, and India, all had similar lists of founding elements in our universe. The Japanese Buddhism symbolized Earth as 地 Chi or tsuchi, Chinese Wu Xing system lists Water as 水 shuǐ, Indian Vedas identified Fire as अग्नि or Agni, ancient Greece conceptualized Air as ἀήρ aḗr and so on.



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Fire is strong, courageous and passionate. Fire is also considered to be the first element to have existed since the universe started with a bang. While some people can see only it’s destructive nature, fire is the one that brings light, gives warmth and enables life.

Naturally, the fire has lots of symbolism associated with it such as love, vision, creativity but it also brings enormous practical benefits to humankind since we use it in pretty much everything, from cooking to space travel.


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Air allows us to seize to exist and hence can be associated with creation. However, in most cultures, the air is associated with communication, imagination, knowledge and harmony.

The Greek spiro means "breath," from this we get inspiration like the gods were filling us with their divine wisdom. This is also well depicted in the 423 BC play, The Clouds, where knowledge is poured into Socrates’ mouth from the Gods. Air travels from one place to another while carrying the atoms and culture of the place, educating and creating harmony in the rest of the world.

The air in most cultures, the air is associated with creation, imagination, communication and harmony. It moves from areas of high pressure to low, basically indicating one will not stay afloat forever and similarly one will be lifted up however low they might be.


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Water symbolizes fluidity, purification, regeneration, fertility and flexibility. Water sets in motion the wheels of life as ancient civilizations began at the banks of various rivers such as Indus, Nile etc. Water also is believed to be the ultimate wheel of life as one returns to water after the cycle of life. Water, therefore, is shapeless and adaptable to its environment, but also powerful enough to stop a burning fire.


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Earth is made up of minerals and dynamic elements which support life and provide stability, grounded-ness, and sustenance. The earth is represented as a purple crystal in our logo; crystals are powerful sources of healing and purple is the most unique color found in nature. Purple is associated with attributes of luxury, nobility and ambition. The attributes of the two are aligned in order to create our own version of the element.