About Barefoot

Barefoot.kw provides people with top rated products to help them transition into a barefoot lifestyle. Our products include minimalist footwear, yoga mats & yoga accessories from quality assured brands like Skinners, Vibrams, Liforme, Bhoga, and Sugarmat. Being barefoot has several health benefits ranging from better posture to better psychological health. It also helps in having a synchronized heartbeat which in turn assists in regulating our body temperature and hormone secretion.

According to the science of reflexology, when we walk, we put maximum pressure on our second and third toe. These two have the maximum amount of nerve endings, which henceforth stimulate better functioning of our eyes. Products like Skinners and Vibrams help activate these muscles.

Better foot mechanics lead to improved mechanics of the hips, knees, and our core. Stronger leg muscles result in a well supported lower back which in turn reduces the pain and cramps. We have products like toe separators which provide relief from bunions, hammertoes, or other foot deformities.

We understand the drawbacks of being completely barefoot as it might not be safe on every terrain or space. Henceforth we have handpicked brands which help facilitate the benefits of being barefoot while keeping your feet safe and styled.

We at Barefoot, try to have products that are manufactured with the right intentions and help people without causing harm to the world. All our yoga mats are biodegradable and have been designed keeping the consumers' needs in the forefront. For instance, Liforme is one of our yoga brands that has their own design technology called “AlignMe” which provides the yogi with markings to help them align their postures. Our other brands, Sugarmat and Bhoga are premium luxury mats which are also eco friendly and have their own advantages as well; anti-slip, high density cushion, PVC free etc.

Our products encourage one to explore - be it internally, through the medium of yoga or externally, through our five finger shoes, Vibrams. The world has shifted to a more consumerist and materialistic society and we want to encourage people to find happiness and contentment with things such as their own health or their natural environment. As one can understand, we are trying to facilitate a lifestyle and build a mindful community rather than just a short lived trend.